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"Revelations", our free spiritual healing e-zine is dedicated to sharing new spiritual healing insights, articles, channeled messages and research discoveries. Also, announcements regarding schedules for training, workshops and special events in your area.

Revelations E-Newsletter August 7, 2002

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Editor, Jim Harmon Publisher, Earl B. Hall

*** CONTENTS ***

1. Quick Announcements
2. Article - Multidimensional awareness. Why can't I get it?
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*** Announcements ***

Greetings everyone! Jim and I have been very busy the past few
months building and testing the new Personal/Home version of
Genesis (tm) called the Magnetic Cellular Energizer (tm). On
Saturday, August 17th, 2002, Atlantis Health Center (Earl
B. Hall's location) will be hosting the next Whole Day
Experiential Healing Workshop. 10am-6pm.

Already, hundreds of Energy workers, Light workers and Reiki
practitioners have experienced Genesis & MCE and all recognized
their energetic abilities and intuitive awareness being elevated
to a much higher level within minutes.

Highlights of the event will be:

* individual sessions for each participant in, what some have
termed, the Atlantean Magnetic Ascension Chamber, as well as,
the Trinity Table experience

* Plus, individual & group demonstrations with hands-on
sessions of Energy Clearing and Hyper Reiki techniques

* And who would want to miss an opportunity to share and
witness another's first real multi-dimensional breakthrough
or perhaps your own

Pre-register today at: http://Spiritual-Healer.com/order.html
For more details Mailto:Earl@Spiritual-Healer.com or phone
214-546-9923 Don't miss the fun or the experience. Reservations
are limited.

*** A Personal Experience ***

I had the pleasure of working on a young lady that has achieved
a high level of multi-dimensional awareness already in her life.
And I appreciate her recalling that experience and sharing it
with us all.

It reminded me that no matter how long we have been on our
spiritual path or at what level of awareness we have attained,
the journey never ends. Ascension is not a place or a
destination, but an on going process of amazing discovery and
wondrous adventure.



I would like to share what I experienced during my healing
session with you. I hope it will encourage others to heal and
grow spiritually. Thank you so much for the healing work! I
felt like a huge layer of fear had been lifted away.

I've been meditating for over 25 years and throughout this time,
I've had many experiences including precognitive dreams, out of
body travel, visits by those who have passed on, messages, and
space dreams. With these experiences, I've often had what felt
like a powerful electric current and white light pulsing through
my body. 

Although these experiences have been quite positive, at times
they have been accompanied by fear due to the intensity. I
believe the Trinity Table lifted away that fear.

Earl started with some very healing back adjustments that I'd
needed for several years. My Mother and I then went into the
room with the Trinity Table, where Earl did a little more body
work on my feet and knees. All adjustments felt great. He then
put on some very relaxing music and proceeded with Reiki, while
I slipped into another wonderful dimension. The music
frequencies created a healing sensation around my lower

After the Table started to slowly turn, I felt that I'd left
my body, peacefully, and I had a deep knowing that I was
experiencing the after life. All heavy emotions flew away, were
gone. I said out loud, "I love it here, I wish I could stay
here". I also got confirmation and clear mental messages that
things I'd been concerned about were going to work out well.

I was given another wonderful gift. I saw a brilliant white
light who I recognized as my Grandfather. He had passed away
a few years earlier. I communicated to my Mom who was still
sitting in the room, "Papa says hello, he's fine, and he
likes it very much over here."

I also had some very clear messages from my higher self and
guides about "being" is more important than doing, and that
I should lighten up and enjoy life more. It was blissful. The
Trinity Table brought back memories of a past dreams where I was
on a starship and I could see and feel the entire Universe at
once. When the table slowed to a stop, I got up and I saw a
wonderful grid with light blue spheres of light on each corner.
This experience was deeply healing, empowering, and I look
forward to my next visit. 

Kim McWilliam


Multi-dimensional awareness, enlightenment, ascension, these
are mystifying and elusive terms to many. What are they really?
Better yet, can I do that?

Spiritual Awakening or a Knowing is what I refer to as actually
experiencing the unlimited source of love, peace and abundance.
Most people however, do not know how to achieve this or they
are convinced these realities are beyond their abilities or
are unattainable.

The only difference between those who are spiritually
enlightened and those who are not is the decision to think
outside the normal realm. Pay close attention to this
statement. What is it saying? Open your mind to the fact that
there may be forces at work in this universe that may or may
not be beyond our human comprehension. For those who have the
desire and courage to explore the vast possibilities, you may
discover all that the Great Masters were able to embrace!

Expanded awareness is really about being aligned or in tune
with the unlimited creative and healing power that lies within
each of us. By embracing our own divinity and accepting that
each of us is an extension of the GOD consciousness, we can
regain our power and lose the feeling of separation. Spirit is
either all powerful and all knowing or Spirit isn't!

Once you get past the realization that this body is just our
temporary vehicle that houses our true self or spirit, then
you can truly know that each of us is created in the image
of GOD.

How can we do this? You can study and read every spiritual
book available or hear every wonderful spiritual story
imaginable, however, until you "experience" something first
hand, it still belongs to the other person. You must actually
own it... You must Know it!

The simple fact is, behind it all is ONE underlying truth, ONE
principle, ONE energy. Our greatest individuating human
characteristic, the gift of free will or choice. Do you choose
to experience fear or love? It is a choice that only YOU can

Our choice of thought processes could, quite possibly, be the
cause of all of our human suffering. That is the big question
that everyone has, "Why does my life have to be this way?".
Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is; most people WILL
NOT allow themselves to THINK beyond their tiny little space
in this vast universe. Therein lies your Real Reality!

If you are in this position don't feel bad. I guarantee you 
are not the only one. I was in that position myself, not so
long ago. I hear from people all the time, each one with the
same basic questions "Why can't I get IT? I have read all the
books. I have been to all the gurus. I have followed all of
their instructions thoroughly". I hate to say this, but that
could be a large part of the problem!

Each of us has our own lessons to learn and path to walk. All
different, yet, all leading to the same place... ONENESS with
the creator.

The Earth is in transition and so is the Human species. There
are so many new technologies and healing techniques that can
help to re-awaken this unlimited source of power into our
lives. The choice is yours and only yours. It's the first step
in self empowerment and being responsible for what we create...
our own reality.

Next comes the big question! Now what? When you experience these
truths, you now own them. YOU know them. You aren't hearing it
from someone else. The next step is to assimilate this newly
discovered information and incorporate it into your life. That
is when YOUR reality will change.

Article by Earl B. Hall. A Trinity Table (tm) facilitator and
co-developer/builder of Genesis (tm) & the Magnetic Cellular
Energizer (tm). Both are, perhaps, the worlds first truly
experiential tools for reaching a higher conscious state of
awareness and being. To learn more visit his website at

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