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"Revelations", our free spiritual healing e-zine is dedicated to sharing new spiritual healing insights, articles, channeled messages and research discoveries. Also, announcements regarding schedules for training, workshops and special events in your area.

Revelations Spiritual Healing E-Newsletter     3/15/04

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1. World's oldest living plant - extraordinary immune defense"
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"World's oldest living plant provides extraordinary immune defense"

I wanted to share some helpful info with you all. In the past couple
of months I have become aware of an ANCIENT/NEW product that
has astounded me and greatly enhanced my health and energy level.

I am convinced that as we go forward in these turbulent changing
times, our health and well being is at a greater risk than ever
before. Drugs and surgery, obviously, are not the answer in many
many cases. However, Mother Nature has given us all a gift beyond

I have been using this herbal product myself for over a month and
offering it to my clients. Folks are having great healing results on
everything from Lupus - Epstein-Barr, Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple
sclerosis, Kaposi’s sarcoma, Heart disease, Lymphomas, cancers,
Bell’s palsy, all forms of Herpes to AIDS. It is a natural anti-viral,
anti-biotic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory agent. It
is also a super immune booster.

These plants are over 12,000 years old... one of God's special gifts!
As the world's oldest living plants, they are effective against all
known viruses and disease causing micro-organisms. Hummm, they
must be doing something right. What is it that we humans have missed?
Here are a few facts to consider:

* Backed by 4 United States Patents
* Field tested for six years with over 3,500 customers
* Over 90% success in clinical trials - 100% safe toxin free.
* Money back guarantee!

I have also been testing it for clearing and raising individuals
vibration. I am very impressed. I even have my mother on it. I have
also posted a great deal of scientific medical research data, patent info,
testimonials and history of this ancient sacred Native American healing

For some readers, part of becoming self empowered is taking
responsibility for your own health and well being. For healers, this
could be a godsend in helping your clients and offering it as a
retail product. There is a nice discount as a distributor, with the
quite unexpected demand that I have experienced, it could enable you
to help more people! Check it out as soon as possible at:

** Classes & Worksop Schedule **

* March 21st, 2004 - 7:30-9:30 p.m. at CenterPoint, Houston, Tx.
Ph. 713-932-7224

Archangel Metatron’s Cosmic Frequency Healing Workshop - Level 1
Practitioner Certification

Level 1 Cosmic Frequency Therapy Workshop - Attendees receive:

* Personal healings, Divine Mind reconnection
* Personal instruction, lots of fun and lots of hands-on experience
* Level 1 Cosmic Healing Symbol Attunements from Archangel Metatron
* Instruction sheets and explanation of uses for Cosmic Frequencies
* Certificate of Completion for CFT Level 1 Practitioner

“I played your CD for one of my patients, and it put him in an
altered state and I was able to clear up some old entrenched patterns
along his spine and head very easily. Stay in touch.” Dr. Chris in MN.

”Since the workshop, I have noticed a greater capacity to "suddenly
know" things from out of the blue.” Shelly Hatfield, Seattle , Wa.

After experiencing your healing tones & frequencies, I feel positive
physical shifting... the old body is feeling much better. Whew!!!!
Good Stuff. Larry Lund, Ft. Worth , Tx .

More details on Metatron's Cosmic Frequency Healing and Ascension
CD's can be found at:

* Saturday, March. 27th, 2004 1-5pm at CenterPoint Houston, Tx.
Presented by Earl B Hall & Ray Cook



* THE TRUE STORY OF CREATION – Discover Your True Life

* Elder Races, Star Seeds & E.T. Interventions – Discover YOUR soul

Complete details & online pre-registration for workshops & events
at: http://www.atlantishealthcenters.com/workshops-events.htm 

* March 28th 7:30-9:30pm at CenterPoint Houston , Tx.


* March 30th , 2004 7:30-9:30 p.m. at CenterPoint Houston, Tx.

"Protect Yourself Now! - The Truth About 2 Low Cost Alternative
Health Remedies You Must Learn About" Presented by Earl B. Hall

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