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New Revelations Newsletter  -  February 2009   &

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1. Greetings & Comments
2. The New Heaven on Earth... what is it? Where is it?    By  Earl B Hall
3. Special Announcement
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Greetings everyone,

Thank you all for your comments, suggestions and most of all your continued support! May we continue to be the change we envision.


Earl B. Hall

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The New Heaven on Earth... what is it? Where is it?    By  Earl B Hall

"If we were to accept as truth everything we were told to be true, there would be little hope for the human race" - Orville Wright. 

With all the talk of this so called End Times or Ascension, where is all this prophesied love and abundance? Many are asking, “Where is MY new Heaven on Earth?” Some have it and a great many still don’t. If you watch TV and the network news at any length, it certainly seems that it evades many.

With that being said, perhaps it is all truth and reality, or better yet, YOUR reality is based entirely upon your perception of all truths. WOW! So many ironic statements, so many contrasts, so complicated, and at times so simple that it just can't possibly be that easy and yet still defy human comprehension. Why? Why? Why?

It is generally accepted that all or most Humans want to go to Heaven to be with Creator and experience the essence of pure love and abundance. Throughout recorded history the term “Heaven” has been described in every conceivable manner. It is generally accepted as a wondrous place of eternal love, bliss and unlimited abundance. It appears to be a place where all want to go. Yet, how ironic, everyone is dying to get there and very few are ever ready or even desire to leave here.

All the great masters have said that Creator is the true essence of Pure Love, is IN everything and IS everything. This simple statement is very hard to comprehend for many. At what point do we say, "Creator is totally unified with ALL of its creation. For it created everyone and
everything out of itself… Pure Love.

Does that mean that the Creator in Heaven is both good and evil? Light and dark? Does it mean that everyone, every place and everything is all that, too? If any of this is true, could the statement mean that Heaven and Hell may be one in the same? Or, is it simply based on our perception and belief in what we have been told for thousands of years.

With the acceptance of the traditional concept of Heaven being in the clouds or “out there somewhere,” is it any wonder that we experience confusion? If we search outside of ourselves, are we missing it? If we search inside ourselves are we missing it?

Many consider the concept of Free Will as the God given right to choose right or wrong, the path of good and evil and the reward of Heaven, or the punishment of Hell, that goes along with those particular choices. Or, could it mean the God given gift of choosing our own reality based upon our perceptions and beliefs? Could this be the determining factor that creates our own Heaven and Hell or our own level of love and abundance?

The most renowned scientists, quantum physics researchers and spiritualists all agree that there is nothing in this universe but energy and consciousness, the essence of infinite potential. Therefore, everything is pure energy that manifests into the individual reality, or our collective reality, born of intentional thought, and only exists as a reality when focused on from some point of reference or comparison.

All of the great teachers have tried to tell us we have a perceptual problem. All of our physical earthbound sensory input tells us that we are here. In being here we experience a wide range of events and sensory input, some are joyful, and others utterly painful. Could it be that our need for the existence of a Heaven is caused by our desire to eliminate the painful aspects of our perceived reality, and therein heighten the love and joy of that very same existence? Every time we experience pain, we want out of here. On the other hand, no person would ever consider leaving this life while experiencing pure love and joy... because it feels so heavenly.

Consider the possibility that you are already in Heaven and you don't realize it. Consider the possibility that you are an eternal part of creator and are simply having an individuated experience. Could this also pertain to the ancient prophecies of a mass awakening of human consciousness that heralds in a new age of pure love and Heaven on Earth?

Most concepts of Heaven, in their eloquent descriptions, only seem to add to the confusion. Why? Most concepts only externalize its existence. Perhaps we should try looking at every experience with wonder and question what is being revealed to us. The experiences that bring pain quite possibly teach us the most, and those ultimate feelings of pure love and joy may be the end reward of every experience, if we choose them. 

Sounds too simple doesn’t it? What if it is that simple? For all practical purposes, until you know for certain, why not live as if you are already in Heaven experiencing pure love and joy, and make the most of every precious moment. It could be massively contagious! Then what? End the need to be saved? Cease feeling alone, disconnected and powerless? Live for the common good of all? End the massive greed perpetrated by the very individuals and institutions we had hoped would take care of and protect us? Hmmmm.... 

Earl B. Hall, visionary, teacher, is the creator and channel of the Archangel Metatron Healing & Ascension CDs that are affecting dramatic positive change in the minds and lives of people world wide. Find out what others are saying at:  now!

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Channeled Messages of Hope,
 Inspiration & Empowering Guidance for the New Earth

Valentines Day - Saturday, Feb 14th, 2009, 7-9pm


Ferol Humphrey is a well-known Dallas area Teacher, Healer, and Lecturer, specializing in Energetic and Spiritual Skills. A Trinity Table Owner-Facilitator and Instructor of Blue Lotus Heart Chi Gong, she also teaches Tarot at the international level for increase of intuition and wholeness of Self. Ferol has been teaching talented, responsible students to Direct Channel archangelic energies since 2002. To learn more, visit Ferol at
Earl B. Hall is internationally known as a visionary, channel and New Earth Master of frequency healing and empowerment. He is the artist/producer of the Archangel Metatron Healing & Ascension CDs System, containing the newly discovered healing & ascension frequency codes that are positively changing the lives and minds of people worldwide.  To learn more visit his website at:
Cindy Clark-Heald is a ministering Earth Angel who works co-creatively with Nature. She has discovered how to increase the power of an individual by including an element that provides balance in all areas of life: nature intelligence. Nature intelligence contains within it a truth that has been present and available to us since the first Emergent Thought. The doorway to this eternal truth is open to everyone, and is ever present. Join Cindy on a journey of balance with nature as the guide.

The people of earth hear and grow in many symbolic, metaphoric, and divine languages.
Original Being takes many beautiful forms, from Archangel Michael to Metatron, from the natural energies of earth, to the Spoken Tao, including all forms of deva and ascended master energies.

Original Being is all of those, including you, yourself, and addresses many different thought and belief systems. People of all faiths, or none, may learn directly or symbolically from Universal Light Transmissions.

Please join us at this event as Universal Light Transmissions provides strong clear messages of hope, inspiration, aid and instruction for true seekers of peace and empowerment in our emerging New Earth Community.  

RSVP to Ferol Humphrey


Location:  Center for Spiritual Living
2ND Floor,   International Place
4801 Spring Valley Rd., Suite 115, Dallas, TX  75244

West of the Tollway, on the north side of Spring Valley, between Inwood and Welch


* In-depth Spiritual Guidance, Channeled Messages & Intuitive Tarot Readings. Click here to learn more.



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