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A natural spiritual healer may improve your entire life for the better. An experienced natural healer may offer MMS, quantum healing, mms1, mms2 tablets to improve your body, mind and spiritual well-being.

Jim Harmon and Earl B. Hall's spiritual healing and Ascension Technologies (known as The Trinity Project) are amongst the most powerful energy healing technologies on Earth. A variety of other tools such as frequency healing CDs, quantum biofeedback, MMS, mms1, mms2 tablets are offered to help you integrate more of who and what you really are on all levels of body, mind and spirit.

In our role as lightworkers and natural spiritual healers, we have learned to listen to our clients’ bodies and higher selves so that, together, we can figure out what kind of assistance you need. We will work together, with you, to create options that will truly work for your highest good.

We are here to help you. If you need personal guidance or consultation about proper sacramental uses of MMS please consider making a donation to help cover our time and expenses. All donations go to support the global work of the Genesis II Church Church of Health & healing.

We will call you, at your convenience, by phone or Skype. Many thanks and humble blessings in advance.  Click here to donate and schedule your personal sacramental guidance consultation.


Trinity Table

MMS 1 & MMS 2
Genesis II Church Sacraments
& Water Purification Solutions - MMS Tablets

Magnetic Dream Catcher

* NOTE: The information, sacraments, services or technologies listed on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prescribe. The Genesis II Church Sacraments are not medicines. None of our services, information or products are intended to replace the care or advise of a trained medical physician. You are solely responsible for how you use them.


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